Portable Power Supply to Power CradlePoint Devices

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Portable Power Kit

The Portable Power Kit is designed to run your CradlePoint routers in locations where there are no power outlets. The Unit works for all CradlePoint Routers with the exception of the AER31xx Series (requires 54V). The kit comes with the power pack as well as an assortment of connectors. However, if you are using the Power Kit with a COR unit, you will require a Barrel to 4 pin power adapter, CradlePoint part # 170665-000.

We have tested the power kit with a COR IBR600, a COR IBR1100 and an AER1600. Each unit powered for at least 6-8 hours with light traffic. This unit is ideal for usage in parks, for ticket verification for outdoor events, etc.

The amount of time the Power Kit can power your unit depends on environment and data usage. If the signal in the area is such that the unit is forced to reconnect over and over, it will consume more power. Additionally, the number of modems makes a difference as well as the amount of traffic each modem handles. When in doubt, we advise you to get a 2nd Power Kit as a backup.

The unit is lightweight and small, 20.8oz and 7.3 x 0.8 x 4.9 inch.

The price for the Portable Power Kit is $150.00.

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