AER2100 Series Routers

The CradlePoint AER 2100 is the first in a new generation of cloud-managed 4G networking solutions that helps enterprises increase bandwidth and achieve five-nines reliability in a secure, flexible, and open-architecture platform. As a cloud-managed solution, the CradlePoint AER is designed for the distributed enterprise to intelligently manage wired and 4G wireless connectivity for a more reliable “connected experience” at the edge. Network administrators can extend applications and services to remote branches with a solution that is customizable through the real-time deployment of cloud-enabled services, applications, and analytics. This all-in-one solution combined with CradlePoint’s Enterprise Class Support is defining a new standard for networking in the distributed enterprise.

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Enhanced Transportation Bundle -- Price: $888.97

The Enhanced Transportation Bundle is a complete solution for vehicles such as buses, ambulances, police vehicles, emergency vehicles, etc.

It contains:

  • 1 - IBR600LPE-VZ router
  • 1 - Verizon SIM card
  • 1 - 3YR Enterprise Cloud Management Subscription
  • 1 - 3YR CradleCare Premier Subscription
  • 1 - 12VDC-100W Inverter or 170635-000--Vehicle Power Adapter (indicate in comments which product is preferred)
  • 1 - GPIO Power Cable (must be wired to customer 12VDC Source)

170588-000 170588-000 -- 10.5dBi 700 MHz - 2700 MHz wide band directional antenna (Yagi/Log- Periodic) for outside mounting -- Price: $99.99

170605-000 170605-000 -- 12” mag-mount antenna with SMA male connector, 12.5 foot cable -- Price: $44.99

170606-000 170606-000 -- 4” Mini mag-mount antennas with SMA male connector, 12.5 foot cable -- Price: $29.99

170623-000 -- Standard replacement 3A power supply for AER 2100 (line cord not included) -- Price: $29.99
170623-000 is a standard replacement power supply for the AER2100 series. It does not come with a Line Cord (170623-001).

170623-001 -- US line cord for IBR1100/IBR1150 and IBR900/IBR950 extended temperature and AER 2100 power supplies -- Price: $9.99
170623-001 is the replacement line cord for the AER 2100 series for North America.

170624-000 -- Tri-modem-use 4A power supply for AER 2100 (line cord not included) -- Price: $39.99
170624-000 is required for 3 or more simultaneous LTE connections.

170628-000 -- Dual-band 2.4/5.0 GHz external WiFi antenna for AER3100, AER2100, IBR900, IBR1100 (single antenna) -- Price: $14.99
170628-000 is a multiband antenna capable of handling 2.4GHz and 5GHz bandwidths simultaneously.

170629-000 -- AER 2100 rack mount with flexible antenna leads -- Price: $199.99
AER2100 standard rack mounting kit.

170641-000 -- AER rack mount flexible cellular antenna lead for 2nd modem or active GPS (1x) -- Price: $19.99
AER Rack mount flexible cellular antenna lead for 2nd modem (1). 2 are required.

170649-000 170649-000 -- Black, universal 3G/4G/LTE 2dBi/3dBi antenna with SMA connector for all AER, ARC, COR and MC400 products (1x) -- Price: $14.99
Universal cellular antenna (1). This antenna works with all AER, ARC, COR and MC400. This product is the same as 170659-000 except for the color. This antenna is black.

170668-000 170668-000 -- Omni directional antenna, indoor/outdoor -- Price: $149.99

170669-000 -- LTE MIMO 2x2 antenna, indoor/outdoor -- Price: $149.99

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