COR IBR600/IBR650 Series Routers

The IBR6x0 series routers are compact, small footprint routers with ruggedized cases and internal modems compatible with Verizon, AT&T or Sprint/Clear. The IBR600NM and IBR650NM require an external modem.

We have a large assortment of cables, connectors and adapters to provide you with a complete communications solution. So, give us a call at 718-888-8898 or email us at We will be more than happy to provide you with a complete "end-to-end" solution.

COR Wall Power Adapter 170584-001 -- Replacement wall power supply for IBR350 and IBR600/IBR650 (all versions) -- Price: $24.99

170585-000.jpg 170585-000 -- 2 meter power and GPIO cable (direct wire) for all COR - IBR11x0, IBR9x0, IBR6x0, IBR6x0B, IBR6x0C -- Price: $14.49

170588-000 170588-000 -- Cellular Antennas Outdoor -- Price: $99.99
10.5dBi 700 MHz - 2700 MHz wide band directional antenna (Yagi/Log- Periodic) for outside mounting

Wall Mount Bracket for all COR Products 170593-000 -- Replacement bracket for wall mounting, inside cabinet, etc. -- Price: $19.99

170605-000 170605-000 -- Cellular Antennas Outdoor -- Price: $44.99
12” mag-mount antenna with SMA male connector, 12.5 foot cable

170606-000 170606-000 -- Cellular Antennas Outdoor -- Price: $29.99
4” Mini mag-mount antennas with SMA male connector, 12.5 foot cable

170614-000 -- Steel backplane, 12x10in, for ARC and COR NEMA enclosure -- Price: $29.99

Strain Relief Connector for NEMA enclosure 170615-000 -- Strain relief connector with nut, for enclosure, 0.375-0.5in -- Price: $19.99

170628-000 170628-000 -- WiFi Antennas -- Price: $14.99
Dual-band 2.4/5.0 GHz external WiFi antenna for AER3100, AER2100, IBR900, IBR1100 (single antenna)

170635-000 -- Vehicle power adapter for COR -- Price: $24.99

170635-100 -- 2 meter power and GPIO cable (direct wire) with filter for IBR6xx (all versions) (required for E-mark compliance) -- Price: $19.99
Required for E-mark compliance.

170649-000 170649-000 -- Cellular Antennas -- Price: $14.99
Black, 700MHz-2.7 GHz 3G/4G/LTE 2dBi/3dBi antenna with SMA connector (1x)

NEMA Enclosure 184375-000 -- NEMA 4X enclosure, 12x10x6in, for ARC and COR -- Price: $224.99

ANTCAB195-15 -- LMR195 Cellular Antenna Cable SMA-Male/N-Male-15' cable -- Price: $37.00

ANTCAB195-30 -- LMR195 Cellular Antenna Cable SMA-Male/N-Male-30' cable -- Price: $47.95

no-image CA4NM/MM-20 -- CA-400 Cellular Antenna Cable SMA-Male/N-Male-20' cable -- Price: $47.00

usbswadpt.jpg CP.USBSWADPT -- USB Flexible Swivel/Twist Adapter M/F -- Price: $9.00
Adapter to allow a modem stick to rotate left/right 180 degrees - Male/Female USB Connectors.

no-image GA107 -- 4.5 Inch Cellular Antenna - Magnetic Base 6.5' cable -- Price: $24.00

GPS Antenna GPS-ANT-9 -- GPS Antenna with Magnetic Base and 9' Cable - SMA-M -- Price: $22.95

GPS Antenna for IBR600LE-PWD or IBR600LP-AT with magnetic base and 9' cable.

SAB-12VDC-AC.jpg SAB-12VDC-AC -- Inverter 12vdc-AC USB Port 100W -- Price: $25.00

The Inverter allows you to run any CradlePoint router from your car. Plug the Inverter into the cigarette lighter socket. Plug the CradlePoint transformer into the inverter and you're good to go.

no-image WEI-801865 -- Wilson LTE/4G VZ Amplifier (No Cables or Antennae) -- Price: $339.00

no-image WEI-841262 -- Wilson 3G DB Pro Cell Booster Kit (2 Antennae, 1 Amplifier & 3 Cables) -- Price: $429.00

170584-002 -- COR power supply (-20C to 60C for IBR600/IBR650; 0C to 40C for IBR350 and IBR1100/IBR1150) includes US, EU, UK, AU adapters -- Price: $24.99

170668-000 170668-000 -- Cellular Antennas Outdoor -- Price: $149.99
Omni directional antenna, indoor/outdoor

170669-000 170669-000 -- Cellular Antennas Outdoor -- Price: $149.99
LTE MIMO 2x2 antenna, indoor/outdoor

IBR600.jpg IBR600P-AT -- M2M Broadband Router with AT&T 3G HSPA+ Embedded Modem - WiFi -- Price: $499.99

M2M Broadband Router with integrated AT&T 3G modem. This unit requires a SIM card. This model has WiFi capabilities. More Information

IBR600.jpg IBR600LP -- M2M Broadband Router with Generic 4G LTE / 3G HSPA+ Embedded Modem (Canada & T-Mobile in US) - WiFi -- Price: $599.99

M2M Broadband Router with integrated LTE/HSPA+ Generic modem for use in Canada and T-Mobile in the US. This model has WiFi capabilities. Last date to order 3/1/15. More Information

IBR600.jpg IBR600LE2-SP -- M2M Broadband Router with Sprint 4G LTE / 3G EVDO Embedded Modem - WiFi -- Price: $599.99

M2M Broadband Router with integrated Sprint 4G/3G LTE/EVDO modem. This model has WiFi capabilities. More Information

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