TCI & CradlePoint

TCI has selected CradlePoint as its partner in the WireLess Broadband arena because of CradlePoint's breath of highly reliable and manageable products that are the Price / Performance leader in the market segment.

The TCI sales force has an extensive knowledge of the CradlePoint product line, communications, and business requirements.


Providing Solutions:

With the growth of 4G Mobile Broadband Networks, Enterprises are recognizing that the power of those networks goes far beyond just faster video downloads on smartphones. The emergence of fixed wireless Machine-to-Machine solutions from CradlePoint is giving today's enterprise the tools they need to solve some of the hardest problems they face. These problems range from periodic WAN connectivity failures, hard-to-reach-by-wire fixed and remote locations, and fully mobile business applications. CradlePoint has developed systems solutions that are routinely incorporated into PCI compliant networks that can increase system availability from 99% to 99.99%. With the rapid qualification of CradlePoint solutions on some of the leading-edge 4G networks, CradlePoint solutions help customers deliver video-speed data or video surveillance solutions that help stop crime, increase security, or improve the ease of use of their kiosk systems. Regardless of the application, CradlePoint is delivering greater network security, better management, and better value than any other available systems on the market.

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TCI is a Proud Stocking Premier CradlePoint Partner.  We provide outstanding customer service and ensure that you get the correct product for your requirements. We bend over backwards to get product out the same day.  See our Facebook page for comments from our clients.
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  • AER31x0 front view
  • AER2100 with Cellular and WiFi Antennae
  • AER16x0 front view
  • CradlePoint COR IBR9x0 Series
  • COR IBR1100/1150 Series
  • COR IBR600B/650B Series
  • COR IBR600C/650C Series
  • COR IBR600/650 Series
  • COR IBR350 Series
  • CBA850 Series