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CradlePoint News and Updates of Importance

Disregard all prices on this site. CradlePoint has increased its prices for many products. We are in the process of updating all of the prices. Please be aware that we cannot honor the old prices.

Please contact us for current pricing.

TCI News

TCI is proud to announce that TCI is now a NYC Certified WBE. Our NYC Vendor number is 1662398. If we can be of any assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us at 718-888-8898 or email us at sales@tcisystems.com or cradlepoint@tcisystems.com .

New Products

CradlePoint has announced 3 new products. 2 of these products are 5G Ready/Capable. They are the E300 and the E3000. The 3rd router series is the E100. This router is designed for SOHO use, i.e., remote workers.

CradlePoint introduced a model of the existing IBR900 into the IoT Market Segment. They also introduced a model of the existing IBR600C into the Branch Market Segment (SOHO).

If you are interested in one of the 5G products or how CradlePoint is implementing its 5G solution, or if you are interested in purchasing an IBR900, click on the 'Product Announcements' button below for more information. There is significant pricing information on the IBR900 router packages.

CradlePoint Product Lines/Market Segment Routers

What We Do

TCI Systems is focused on the CradlePoint Product line. We have been selling CradlePoint routers and accessories since 2010 and are currently a 'Premier' CradlePoint partner. TCI Systems, Inc. is a full service Network Integrator and Management Consulting firm that provides services and products to a full range of businesses from the very small business to the major corporation. For the very small and small business, TCI is essentially the outsourced IT/Networking Department. For the medium size business, TCI augments the business's IT staff and provides the skills and services that most businesses cannot afford or may not want to handle internally. For the larger companies, TCI provides knowledgeable, price competitive product sales.

TCI is an authorized partner with the following major industry participants:

HPE Peplink Sonicwall APC Symantec Lenovo Microsoft

We are a full service networking and business infrastructure provider. As such, we have partnerships with major distributors with access to thousands of sku's and can provide you with competitive pricing across many product lines.

We will always provide you with the correct product for your requirements at reasonable prices.

You can always give us a call at 718-888-8898 to discuss your requirements.

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  • AER 2200 Branch Router
  • COR IBR 1700 Mobile Router
  • COR IBR900 Mobile Router
  • COR IBR600C/650C IoT Routers
  • COR IBR200 IoT Router
  • CBA850 Branch Adapter
  • CBA550 Branch Adapter

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