MBR1200B Router

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The MBR1200B router is ideal for small businesses or home office. It has WiFi and VPN capabilities. It can be used as a primary connection or as a failover for a wired connection. You must provide a compatible modem.

We have a large assortment of cables, connectors and adapters to provide you with a complete communications solution. So, give us a call at 718-888-8898 or email us at cradlepoint@tcisystems.com. We will be more than happy to provide you with a complete "end-to-end" solution.

CradlePoint MBR1200B MBR1200B -- Wireless 3G/4G router for home, uses 3rd party USB modem for wireless WAN connection -- Price: $226.20

Small business BroadBand Router which provides wireless and failover capabilities. MSRP: $249.99 More Information

CC.PRM-CAT1 -- CradleCare Service - CAT1 Products

Extended Warranty Service - Premier 24x7 Service for the MBR1200B and all CBR4x0 Models. More Information

    CCPRM1YR-CAT1 -- CradleCare, 1-yr, Cat 1 prod -- Price: $28.00
    CCPRM3YR-CAT1 -- CradleCare, 3-yr, Cat 1 prod -- Price: $76.00
    CCPRM5YR-CAT1 -- CradleCare Cat 1 5-yr -- Price: $126.00
    CCPRM-R1-CAT1 --CradleCare, 1-yr renewal, Cat 1 prod -- Price: $28.00

ECM Standard -- CradlePoint NetCloud Manager Standard

Rapidly deploy and dynamically manage networks at geographically distributed stores and branch locations with Enterprise Cloud Manager. More Information

    ECM-MT1YR -- 1-yr NetCloud Manager Standard, SaaS License -- Price: $32.00
    ECM-MT3YR --3-yr NetCloud Manager Standard, SaaS License -- Price: $78.00
    ECM-MT5YR -- 5 Yr NetCloud Manager Standard, SaaS License -- Price: $130.00
    ECM-MT-R1 -- 1-yr renewal NetCloud Manager Standard, SaaS License -- Price: $32.00

12V 1.5A Replacement Power Supply 170446-000 -- Replacement wall power supply for MBR, CBR and CBA -- Price: $24.99

12V, 1.5A Automobile Power Adapter 170452-000 -- Car charger for 12V product for CBA750B, CBA850, MBR1400 and MBR1200B -- Price: $24.99

Modem Security Enclosure 170509-000 --Security enclosure for MBR1200B / MBR1400 / CBA750B -- Price: $29.99

170548-000 -- 2.4 GHz replacement WiFi antenna for MBR1400, IBR600 (single antenna) -- Price: $13.99

usbswadpt.jpg CP.USBSWADPT -- USB Flexible Swivel/Twist Adapter M/F -- Price: $9.00
Adapter to allow a modem stick to rotate left/right 180 degrees - Male/Female USB Connectors.

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